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General knowledge is the recorded form of all the events and incidents that have taken place in the past and hold some value. It may be an important even that took place or information about a celebrity or basic functioning of an organization. It is a broad term, which covers a wide area of information. For some, it is a mere way to entertain themselves for others it is an important question in the competitive exams. In both the cases, it helps the individual to grow. In this technologically advanced world, there are various mediums to access information regarding general knowledge like quiz books, internet, gk books etc.

This is a fast moving world and one needs to stay updated with what is happening in order to stay aware. Awareness makes you vigilant in this unpredictable world. General knowledge broadens our vision and helps us to understand things from a better perspective. In this competitive world, it is very essential to be one notch above the others in order to win the race. General knowledge is something that cannot be attained in one night. Regular reading of newspapers and gk quiz books is also important to gain as much knowledge as possible. Internet is a much easier way to get access to information in any field like politics, business, science, technology, geography etc.

It helps us to grow in both professional and personal front. Academically, it is a part of many question papers in the competitive exams. It covers a major portion of the syllabus for exams like MBA, UPSC, Bank exams etc. if you lack general knowledge, passing these exams can only be your dream. However, in the personal front, general knowledge makes you more confident. You can strike a conversation on any topic since you are aware of the issues around you. Interview sessions are the main platform for testing your general knowledge. They test you on your general awareness level. They can also ask you questions about the on going events and take your opinions. In order to answer them, you need to know various aspects of the event, which is only possible through thorough study of the current affairs.

Thus, it is very evident how gaining general knowledge and being updated is an important part of our lives. Knowledge helps you in every stage of your life and does not have any disadvantages. There are mediums like general knowledge books, quiz books, internet, newspaper etc, which act like mediators in imparting you with information.

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General Knowledge

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This article was published on 2011/06/22