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People have been debating that knowledge isn't power... it's applied knowledge that's power. I'd like to offer my own case for debate here... I say: "Knowledge is Power for Effect". Here's my argument.


You can gather knowledge through many forms - from reading books, from watching television, listening to the radio, observing how people do things, how circumstances turn out, how life treats you. You can always gain knowledge as long as you pay attention.

The Bible states in the book of Proverbs 4:6-7 "Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding."

If you are going to be a parent soon, you'll want to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible by reading up and/or learning from other parents.

If you're a lonely soul and you feel the "urge to merge" with another being (get your head out of the gutter, I mean getting attached or married) but you've never had the social skills, you can start by reading up and learning from friends who are very social.


Knowledge translates into power because whenever you learn something, it's stored in your memories. Awaiting the day when it can be used.

Like the previous example of becoming a parent or getting attached, when you seek out knowledge and you read up about it, you store that knowledge into your being. You gain the power to use it.

Much like a battery.

The only difference is that your brain is dynamic and living battery. Not only can it store power, it's a living library that will draw upon all the knowledge that you've learnt when the situation calls for it.

Have you ever experienced a situation when you solved a problem that people could not solve? And they ask/remark that you're a genius or you are very creative? It's likely that you've come across relevant information before and your brain was able to pull up the information through various links.


Applied knowledge will have an effect - whether favourable or otherwise.

If you read a lot or learn from various sources often, you are amassing a powerful source of knowledge in your mind. The only thing is that you might not have come across a situation where you can apply that knowledge.

This is where it gets interesting...

If you have been learning a lot, your mind will piece the information together and give you the best answer to the situation. However, if you've not done it before, what will happen is that it's a situation to prove that your mind has given you the right or wrong answer depending on the effect or result you achieve.

If you attained a result that you didn't want, you can either learn from it and restart the "knowledge is power for effect" cycle. So, the effect you get for a result that you didn't want will become a new knowledge. Knowledge that tells you this isn't the effect you want.

However, if you achieve an effect that you want, your mind will lock in to that result and strengthen the belief that you are right. Your applied knowledge is correct, therefore, it creates a new effect of strengthening the information that you are correct.

Making Use of the Knowledge is Power for Effect Cycle

The best way to learn how you can make use of this cycle is therefore to always be learning and to apply the knowledge that you have.

Without taking active action and applying the knowledge, all he is... is just a professional student. A professional student that never took any tests to grade his knowledge.

If you have got any extensive knowledge about a particular subject but you've never taken any action to making it work for you, you'll become like a big battery. A battery itself cannot do anything until it's been used to power something up.

Once you have applied the knowledge and you got an effect, you can learn from that experience and channel it back into new knowledge for yourself.

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Knowledge is Power For Effect

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This article was published on 2010/04/03